Wood Fences Provided by Duquesne Fence in Beaver and Allegheny Counties

These wood fences have come a long way since the day of weathering, warping, and rotting fences. We use prime wood options to help keep your home or business safe and secure. The benefits to having a wood fence are privacy, and longevity, as well as having a secure area to keep children and pets enclosed. Wood fencing is the most eco-friendly option, and is simple to replace broken or damaged sections.

Among the most popular wood fence options, picket fences are a beautiful way to accentuate your property.

These are just a few of the many options we offer:

  • Solid Privacy
  • Board on Board
  • Picket
  • Post & Rail

Whether it’s a large job or storm damage, Duquesne Fence is here to help you get your home and property protected once again.

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There are a lot of fencing types to choose from. It can be very overwhelming to choose one, so consider the pros and cons and cross-reference that with your needs and preferences. With the help of Duquesne Fence Inc., your investment it will pay for itself several times over.

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